Hardship Assistance

    Arvest Bank can assist homeowners who have financial hardships. As your home mortgage servicer, we want to help you retain your home or help ease your transition to a new home.


    If you HAVE or HAVE HAD hardship due to the coronavirus, please view our COVID Assistance options. If you do not qualify for COVID specific assistance but are still experiencing hardship, other options below may apply.

    If you are needing assistance to avoid foreclosure, please apply online now. If you wish to speak to someone to discuss options, please click here to email our Homeowners Assistance Department and avoid longer than average wait times or call (800) 366-2132 ext. 5609.

    If you’re experiencing a hardship, you can review our assistance options:

    Types of Programs for Short-Term Hardship

    Program Type Current Financial Hardship Benefits
    Forbearance Short-Term Hardship. You have limited or no amount of income. Allows you to temporarily reduce your monthly payment to help you recover from your hardship. Can lead to other workouts once the forbearance period is over.

    Repayment Plan

    Short-Term Hardship. You have the financial ability to make more than the regular monthly payment but have fallen behind on your mortgage.

    Allows you to bring your account current by paying your monthly payment plus an additional amount each month.


    Types of Programs for Long-Term or Permanent Hardship

    Program Type Current Financial Hardship Benefits


    Permanent/long-term hardship and want to keep the property.

    Allows you to reduce your monthly mortgage payment. If approved by investor and/or insurer, the delinquent interest, escrow shortage, and other fees will be capitalized. An escrow account will be set up for taxes and insurance.

    Presale/Short Sale

    Permanent/long-term hardship and want to leave the property. You don't have the ability to make the current mortgage payment and/or are unable to qualify for a modification.

    Allows you to sell your property for less than what’s owed to satisfy your debt if approved by the investor. Beneficial if your property value has decreased. Must have a licensed realtor and be an "arms-length transaction."

    Deed in Lieu

    Permanent/long-term hardship and want to leave the property. 

    Allows you to ask your investor/insurer to accept the deed for your property in lieu of foreclosure. Beneficial if you have been unsuccessful in your efforts to sell your home.

    Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) & Permanent Change of Station orders (PCS)

    Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and Permanent Change of Station orders (PCS) are also eligible hardships for the aforementioned plans. Please contact Arvest Bank with any questions regarding these services and how they apply to you.

    What Documents Do I Have to Submit?

    • Income verification
      • 30 days of recent pay stubs, including year-to-date totals
      • Government benefits letters, including SSI, VA benefits, disability letters
      • Statements for annuity payments or retirement income
        • Two consecutive months’ worth of bank statements, required on benefits letters and statements for annuities and retirement income
      • Rental income verification including lease agreements and proof of payment for two consecutive months
      • Most recent tax return
    • Hardship verification
      • Documentation will vary with investor, but will be listed on borrower’s solicitation packet provided by Arvest Bank
        • Commonly requires written hardship letter
        • Contact Arvest Bank for more information

    Helpful Links for Additional Foreclosure Prevention Information

    • Fannie Mae
    • Freddie Mac
    • Learn more about HUD foreclosure prevention counseling options, find a HUD-approved counselor in your area or contact a HUD-certified housing counselor toll free at (800) 569-4287


    Coronavirus Mortgage Relief Information

    • Arvest Bank wants to ensure our customers fully understand the relief options available to them due to COVID-19 and how each option works. Learn more.
    • Read the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's guide to Coronavirus Mortgage Relief Options and Tools to Help Pay Your Bills
    • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has compiled additional useful information for homeowners and renters. Learn more.